Sunday, August 2, 2009

Grand Tetons

Wyoming 09 -

Waking up at 5 never felt so good. We hurried to catch our flight in Nashville, stopping once in Salt Lake City before landing at the infamous Jackson Hole Airport. Landing at the airport was a spectacular sight in itself. Views of the steep snow covered Teton slopes accompanied us on one side and the beautiful fields of the valley ran endlessly on the other. We stopped briefly in Teton Village to catch the Teton Tram up to over 9000 ft of elevation to begin our hike. From there we were to follow the famous Teton Crest Trail for 6 days and 5 nights. On our trip we took in spectacular views of the Grand Teton, wild, untouched streams, and cascading waterfalls. We spent a couple nights fishing in the trout filled lakes of the Alaskan Basin, and had success. Although the trout were hammering flies, we managed to fool a couple with the spinner. As the trip came to an end, we hiked out in a rush to catch our flight. All in all the trip was a success and certainly indescribable by words and pictures.


Delta Connection

Flying into Jackson Hole Airport

On the Trail

David fishing at Lake Solitude

David fishing in one of the basin lakes

Strangling a Trout

Close up one of the trout

Great view pumping water on top of the mountain

The view as we were about to hike out

Leaving Jackson Hole Airport