Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Clear Skies and Big Flies - Oregon

Just made it back from a week long trip to the Deschutes River in the central Oregon DESERT!! It was absurdly warm almost everyday! The main attraction, Salmonflies, were for the most part gone. But luckily I still found fish that wanted to key in on the big drys! I threw a HUGE golden stone pattern for much of the week and had great success! These fish ATTACK large flies to say the least. It is not a simple slurp as you might see on some rivers. It almost seemed like a shark coming in like a missile to pile-drive its prey. It made for some of the best dry fly fishing I have experienced yet. Here are some quick pics to wet your appetite. Most are from my gopro, but I carried my big camera around the last day and came through in the clutch! My wingman Jacob worked the net and brought in a nice fat redside!!! So you will see a few high quality pics of one of the redsides I hooked into! More pics and vid to come!!!

til next time 

Spent a couple days on the coast before heading out!

One of the feisty Redsides

Golden Stone take!

Not much luck on the Salmonflies during the day, but when evening came it was a different story

Put my drag to WORK!

Fish hold extremely close to the banks and much of the shoreline was tall grass or rocks like this...

 This guy took my at least 50 yards downstream. Colorful rainbow was hiding on the other side of the grass!

Sending him BACK!

One of the few fish I was able to get on a nymph. (but who cares when the dry fly fishing is so good)

He was a bit greedy! Notice the golden stone!

Time well spent!