Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Rain or Shine

It was a long drive home Saturday night. I had just spent 4 hours playing basketball; made complete with a turned ankle and sore knees. Rain was in the forecast and highly likely for Sunday. I debated in my mind whether I should make the journey out to fish Sunday or just stay at home and heal my wounds. Tossing back and forth between each verdict. Arriving home just after midnight, I got some things together, still unsure whether I would go or not. Just before 1 am I laid down to sleep and check the weather one last time. It looked like I would for sure see rain in my day tomorrow, and likely lots of it. Making no decision I fell asleep. 6:45 came fast! I awoke and looked at my phone only to remember it was day lights savings time! I jumped up and made the call to test the weather! My travels to me to the Smokys yet again. I knew the fishing would be good if I could just get the rain to hold off! I stopped on the little river at one of my favorite spots and quickly got into some action! Fish were looking up and it was a fantastic feeling! The rain held off for the most part and made for a delightful day! I fished until dark and turned back to the truck to drive home! Another great day on the water here in Tennessee! Caught bows and browns and missed more fish than I care to admit! But it was another fun day in a beautiful place! Til next time


Break for lunch

Feisty Friend

Little guy couldn't resist the dry fly

Friday, March 11, 2016

Just Around the Corner

The weather was been FANTASTIC all week in Tennessee! It got me itching to get out and see if the fish, like me, also thought it was Spring! I made it up to the Hiwassee River yesterday and I was greeted with BLASTING flows! The CFS actually dropped from when I first got up there but it was still a tough wade. Had I not have feared that TVA would make another push to over 4000cfs at any time I probably would have ventured further out! But I stuck close to the bank and managed one fish in about an hour of fishing! Still a great day in my book. Watching the sun peak over the ridge in the distance gave me a warm feeling in my soul. I didn't have to be catching fish or wading through new terrain. Just a simple moment of thanks that I was able to be a part of a creation as great as this! Hoping to be out a lot more soon, rain or shine!! Til next time!


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Quick Pic

Spring is ON in Tennessee! 

After a few months of cold weather, the warm temps are back! I made it up to the Smoky Mountains this past weekend for some fun! It did not disappoint. The fish are definitely looking up and ready to strike! Get out and enjoy the water! Til next time...

- Dreamcatchers