Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Taste of Paradise

Hiwassee -10

Since starting the new job it has been hard to schedule time to get back out and fulfill my fly fishing desires. After three weekends out of town, I finally found time to settle down and relax for a day on the river, or so I thought.....I checked the generator schedule to be certain that I would have time to fish and it appeared to be very favorable. When I made it to the river I was greeted by a drastic change in the generating schedules which started 6 hours earlier than expected. The river is extremely tough to fish with multiple generators running unless a boat is used. So after making the drive I decided to at least give it a shot, I needed to get out there. So after wading around high waters with no luck for about an hour I decided to call it quits and head home....while driving back downstream I passed a place which I had never fishing before, I decided to turn around and give it a shot. I figured I had about an hour before the high waters reached that section. So I jumped in and got a pretty quick catch of the best brown I have ever caught out of the river. Unfortunately I had ditched the camera, fly supplies, and net and didnt catch this one on film. After fishing some other runs with no luck, I switched to a streamer. Best decision yet! The fish couldn't let it pass by. The fish were in a frenzy and I landed a couple pretty niced sized rainbows. In the middle of my wild catching spree, the water started to rise quickly and chased me out. If I had started with the streamer earlier no telling how many fish I would have pulled in.....but I guess that is left to just speculation...til next time



Overlook of the trophy section

Nice run that produced a number of rainbows

Fat rainbow that nailed the streamer

Looking downstream from the run above

Another rainbow catch

One more overlook shot