Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Taste of Paradise

Hiwassee -10

Since starting the new job it has been hard to schedule time to get back out and fulfill my fly fishing desires. After three weekends out of town, I finally found time to settle down and relax for a day on the river, or so I thought.....I checked the generator schedule to be certain that I would have time to fish and it appeared to be very favorable. When I made it to the river I was greeted by a drastic change in the generating schedules which started 6 hours earlier than expected. The river is extremely tough to fish with multiple generators running unless a boat is used. So after making the drive I decided to at least give it a shot, I needed to get out there. So after wading around high waters with no luck for about an hour I decided to call it quits and head home....while driving back downstream I passed a place which I had never fishing before, I decided to turn around and give it a shot. I figured I had about an hour before the high waters reached that section. So I jumped in and got a pretty quick catch of the best brown I have ever caught out of the river. Unfortunately I had ditched the camera, fly supplies, and net and didnt catch this one on film. After fishing some other runs with no luck, I switched to a streamer. Best decision yet! The fish couldn't let it pass by. The fish were in a frenzy and I landed a couple pretty niced sized rainbows. In the middle of my wild catching spree, the water started to rise quickly and chased me out. If I had started with the streamer earlier no telling how many fish I would have pulled in.....but I guess that is left to just speculation...til next time



Overlook of the trophy section

Nice run that produced a number of rainbows

Fat rainbow that nailed the streamer

Looking downstream from the run above

Another rainbow catch

One more overlook shot

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cataloochee and Greenbrier

Great Smoky Mountains National Park -10

Cataloochee and Greenbrier Rivers

We woke up early again to take the windy gravel road from gatlinburg to the futherest reaches of the park in North Carolina. We arrived in the Cataloochee Valley early in the morning and found a good spot to put in and fish. We waded downstream and upstream for while with no luck. Finally I caught a small little brown with brillant colors. We didnt stay long at the river because I was interrupted with unexpected calls from my new job. The river looked great though and I am certain there were some big browns waiting on us. We did see some elk in the valley feeding in the meadow. After heading back to Gatlinburg and settling my job situation, we decided to head up the Middle Prong of the Little Pigeon (Greenbrier) River. We had very good luck there, pulling in a number of rainbows. I caught an above average rainbow in a deep run. I finally had found the run I was looking for, deep water that ran up against a rockface on the far side. I was certain there was a good fish in this run somewhere. Sure enough when I tossed the Royal Stimulator in the current the rainbow couldnt resist, rising to nail it off the surface. It fought like a beast, and after a wild goose chase I finally netted him. Turned out to be the best fish of the trip, colored beautifully, with brillant red patches on and behind the gills. After hiking upstream somemore we headed out and called it a day. A day well spent in the life of a dreamcatcher I would say...til next time

Entrance to the Cataloochee Valley

Caught my Brown in the riffles here

Cool looking small brown

Another run on the Cataloochee

Looking Downstream

Cataloochee Valley

Elk in the meadow

Entrance to Greenbrier

Looking down the river from a bridge

Nice rainbow from the river

Run where I caught the rainbow above

Here is the champ

Nice looking runs all the way down

Another small rainbow catch

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tremont and Abrams Creek

Great Smoky Mountains National Park -10

Treemont and Abrams Creek

Day two began with an early fishing of the Middle Prong of the Little River. Me and David both had plans to fish Abrams Creek, but with the Cades Cove loop being closed until 10 we decided to fish the Middle Prong. Our luck there was not so great. To the rivers benefit we didnt give it much of a chance only fishing for about an hour or two. I caught a average size rainbow and David had one on but lost it before he could get the camera on it. Just past 10 we headed out to make the long loop through Cades Cove, as a huge storm rolled into the valley. When we arrived at the Abrams Creek trailhead we strapped in our rain gear and headed up the trail. We came to the point in the river known as the "horseshoe (about 1 mile or so of the river that seperates from the trail). We figured we would fish this section. A huge thunderstorm rolled in right as we were about to put in so we hung out under some rodo and ate lunch. After the rain subsided to a lighter drizzle we got in the water and started doing work. David immediately caught a rainbow, as he hiked upstream. I hiked downstream from our put in and found a number of willing rainbows. I caught a nice sized rainbow downstream but david was too far upstream to bring the camera down in time. David continued to pull in some beautiful rainbows. The horseshoe was a dissappointment as the deep runs were cloudy and muddy from the heavy downpour. After finishing up another successful day on the river we hiked back out and finished up the Cades Cove Loop. As we were driving we were greeted by a black bear, maybe 10 feet from my truck pullin the bark off a tree. We also saw one mother bear and two cubs running along through the trees. The day was long, but ultimately successful. We quickly crashed as soon as we got back to the cabin. Rest was much needed for the next eventful day of fishing...til next time


Welcome to the West Prong of the Little River
A view downstream of the Middle Prong

Some sunlight peaks through the trees onto the river

Nasty Storm rolls through Cades Cove

The meadows of Cades Cove

Abrams Creek Trailhead

Well maintained trail to Abrams Falls

A nice run on Abrams Creek

Shy rainbow didnt like the camera

Nice colors on the wild rainbow

Another pic of Abrams Creek

Rubber Legged Stimulator

Where did David Go?

Friday, July 30, 2010

West Prong of the Little Pigeon and Oconaluftee Rivers

Great Smoky Mountains National Park -10

West Prong of the Little Pigeon and Oconaluftee Rivers

The first day of our four day fishing excursion in the Smokies began early Tuesday morning. We had done our research and studied our trail maps, and decided to hike a section of the WPLP that was not followed by trail. This section was considerably dangerous due to the need to navigate around gigantic boulders. A risk we were willing to take. The day started off slow, but picked up quick with a number of rainbow hookings. Most of the fish were average size for the park, but fought much harder than their size would suggest. I hooked up with a nice rainbow but lost him in the fight, as David tried to net him. After we spent the morning and early afternoon at the WPLP we decided to try our luck at the Oconaluftee River. Our travels revealed to us beautiful vistas. We stopped near Newfound Gap to take in the surroundings. After a little bit of site seeing it was back to business and we searched for a good looking spot on the Oconaluftee. Fishing was pretty slow, as we only caught a couple rainbows. I hooked up with a nice size rainbow to highlight the day. He was hiding in a deep run but bit on the Royal Stimulator. After finishing the day on the river we headed back to start planning the next leg of the journey...til next time


A water shot of a run on the West Prong

Small little rainbow bit on the stimulator

Rough waters at the beginning of the hike

Beautiful rainbow caught in West Prong

Another one

Looking downstream

Smoky Mountain Overlook

Cool view from Newfound Gap

Oconaluftee River

Pulled my rainbow out of here

Nice Rainbow took the stimulator

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Road Prong and Little Pigeon

Great Smoky Mountains National Park 10-

Road Prong and the Little Pigeon

I woke up early with my sights set on fishing the Clinch River, legendary for its huge trout. I followed plan, waking up and driving to the Clinch. I decided to try a spot I had fished before. The morning water was freezing cold which complicated matters since I forgot my waders. After about an hour of no bites and freezing cold water temps, I decided to alter my plans. I have long desired to fish the West Prong of the Little Pigeon, so I set my eyes on that. When I arrived at the Chimney Tops Trailhead I decided I would hike up a mile to the Road Prong (a tributary of the Little Pigeon) Trail. I had read the Road Prong has a good supply of brook trout throughout. After reaching the trail I hiked up about another mile or so, trying to find an access point to the river. I found a small water drainage trail that provided just enough space for me to crawl down to the river below. I dropped in right below a cascade and worked my way all the way down the river, until its run in with the trail. Fishing was red hot, brook trout almost bit on every cast on the Road Prong. The trout were small in size but had alot of fight in them. Each trip to the Smokies provides its own unique story and experience, and this was no different. Til next time

A storm rolls in over the Smokies

Destination Road Prong

Trail heading up Road Prong

I dropped in right at this cascade

Fooled him

Little Brook Trout

A great run on Road Prong

Lizard observing my fishing skills

Another nice run


A better sized brook, but still small

West Prong of the Little Pigeon

Looking downstream

Small rainbow

Another rainbow poses for the camera