Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Clinch River

-Clinch River

Phil and I have been looking forward to a trip to the Clinch River for a while and today was the perfect opportunity. We did not know what to expect going up except that there are some lunkers in this river. It was a really hot day and the sun was bright and it started off slow with a couple small ones caught. Phil caught a really nice one on a sulphur fly a little later and I ran up there to get a picture. The day continued to move along with a couple more small ones until later in the day when we caught a couple nice ones on some spinners. The Clinch is a very slow moving river so it seemed that the underwater stuff worked a little better. Overall it was a successful trip and another river we can put a stamp on that we have fished. Until next time


Phil casting across a little current

A little rainbow underwater

Great catch by Phil on a Sulphur.. really nice size

Slow moving river with a little fog resting on the water

A little brown, it had some sharp teeth

A nice catch pulled in on a spinner

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Great Smoky Mountains

Deep Creek 10-

Today me and David made the long drive to Deep Creek, NC in hunt of elusive wild trout. This time we ventured into the smoky mountains to hike our way back into the wilderness of North Carolina. We woke up at 5 to try to beat any crowds that might congest our fishing areas. When we arrived we hiked up the river about 3 miles to ensure that we were truly fishing untouched waters. The day was long and we didn't have much luck. I was able to pull in three fish. One rainbow of about 10 inches, which is quality for the park, highlighted the day. Unfortunately David had the camera at this time, and I was unable to take a pic. David had a couple on but they managed to wiggle their way off the line before he could get'em with the net. We are certain we will reap more bountifully in our next smokies trip. til next time


A nice falls at the start of the Deep Creek Trail

A small pool in Indian Creek

There were millions of butterflies just like these all over the trail

Caught a small rainbow right in there
One of our BEAST catches

Thursday, May 13, 2010

North and Bald Rivers

North and Bald Rivers -10

Near record temps were predicted for Thursday, highs reaching into the 90s. After our attempt to fish the Clinch failed, we decided to fish the tellico, only to find that it was closed for stocking. This left us with only 2 options: fish the smaller native North and Bald Rivers. The day turned out successful with perfect weather and crystal clear waters. The minnow's were chasing the flys like crazy. We were able to pull in some beautiful rainbows from the North, and one large brown highlighted the day. Till next time


Fly fishing the North

Fly fishing the Bald

One of the upper falls on the Bald River
David's prized catch of the day

Wild Brown on the North River

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Everyday that the sun peaks out and the temperature gauge is rising, is a great day to take a trip to the Hiwassee River. Phil and I have been trying to get up there more often this year and make full use of the absolutely stunning and popular trout river just an hour from the house. We like to fish with no generators but often we find ourselves in rising water on the far side of the river. We have had some successful trips so far this year including a day that together we caught around 25 trout. Other days have not been quite as fisherman friendly but we still were able to pull in some. We will post more pictures when we go again. We just started to take pictures the last time we went.

Get some of that

Trying for the perfect cast

Right before a rainbow is fooled by the brown caddis #18

David fishes a rainbow slew near the hiwassee riverbank.