Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Escapades

-Hiwassee and Tellico

At first only nights passed, without the thought of fishing. As work got heavy and temperatures got colder, days and weeks began to pass between my last fishing expedition. This all came to a quick hault after watching Curtis Flemmings fly rod chronicles...I had the fever. Sunday we decided to take our first January fly fishing trip. Temps were expected to reach into the 60s for the first time in months, so me and david thought we would try our luck. At the tellico we were greeted with snow and ice, which made fishing a little difficult. We were unable to go to far up the river, because my truck got stuck in the ice around a sunless corner of the road. After a morning in the cool mountains we decided to head down to the larger Hiwassee. It was a poor day for fishing but a great day to be out. Soon temps will begin to rise and the fish will too...

Tellico river shot, with snow and ice covering the banks

David dropping the nymph in a small run

Blue skies of the Hiwassee

Looking upstream from the trophy section

David fishing a small run near the island