Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Yosemite 2010

The day-long travel was well worth the wait as we ventured into the storied Yosemite National Park. Vastly different temperatures awaited us, most notably a relieving decrease of humidity. Influenced by the ever present snow, our backpacking plans were altered to explore some well known sites and some rarely visited places of the park. We made the strenuous hike up the cables of the infamous half dome, and the spectacular clouds rest. From these points we experienced vistas that only people can dream of. Later in the hike we traveled out to Washburn Lake, far from the crowds of people that clog the half dome and the valley trails. Being well-established explorers by nature, we decided to try our hand at fishing the park. Although we could have been persuaded by the many reports that suggested the park had poor fishing we were determined to find out for ourselves. In the deep woods we decided to first try our luck at Sunrise Creek, an often hiked destination off the John Muir Trail. Just as we had hoped we had great success, catching over 20 trout the first day of fishing. These native trout were clever and easy to spook, so stealth movements were essential. After fishing the creek for a couple days we tried our luck at Washburn Lake. Although some reports had shown Washburn to be a good fishing lake, we were unable to catch any fish on our visit. Due to the large amounts of snowmelt, the Merced River was up and far too rough to fly fish, except in very few slow portions. We didn’t have any luck in the Merced River. Next time we will be more prepared and the fish that were left untouched might not be so fortunate….

Til next time


Looking Down the Canyon from Cloud's Rest

Catching some serious meditation ontop of Cloud's Rest

Half Dome
The Cables of Half Dome

David and Danny ontop of Half Dome

Nevada Falls

Loads of trout waiting to be caught in this section
A small portion of Sunrise Creek
Two deer drinkin out of Sunrise Creek a couple feet from our campsite

The relection on Washburn Lake in the morning
Danny fishing on Washburn Lake
One of the few slower portions of the Merced River
Fishing the Merced River
Little trout caught out of Sunrise Creek

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tellico river

Tellico River-
The Tellico River is known for its trophy sized trout and the high number of trout that are stocked each year. For some reason we have not had much success at the Tellico over the years. We decided to give it another shot and this time we were destined to catch something. After hours of fishing Phil had caught a couple small ones under the hatchery but still we werent have much success. We decided we would try above the hatchery where they dont stock it and test our luck up there. Once again Phil caught a couple more and so he came down to get me so maybe I could get a small one so I wouldnt go without catching any, thats the mark of a true fisherman teammate. After a couple casts in Phil's pool I saw a nice one come up to the top. I threw in my caddis one more time and it nailed it. With mine and Phil's teamwork we got it in, Phil manning the net and me reeling. It was the biggest trout I have caught yet and was a very pretty rainbow. Its amazing how one fish like that can make a trip go from another day at the river to one that stands out. We continued fishing for a couple more hours and caught a few more smaller ones. All in all it was a good day to be out on the river again. Til next time
Tellico River above the hatchery

A good view looking upsteam the Tellico River

An awesome colored fish caught on the caddis

Caught about 4 or 5 rainbows in this run here

Nice fish caught in the run above

Releasing the Beast

Small rainbow from the North