Friday, November 7, 2014

Blue Ridge Surprise

Recently made it up to the Blue Ridge Mountains! Fishing was GREAT! Get out on the water and enjoy some hot fly fishing!!!! Here are some quick pics from my trip! Til next time


Willing Rainbow
Stream Shot

Friday, April 25, 2014

Keeping It Up

Thought I would share some quick pics from the latest trips out on the water. Rainbows continue to be the dominate species of catch, but we are seeing more and more browns take action as of late. I am planning on heading out to some new waters this weekend so stay tuned for a new report. In the meantime enjoy the pics from the last trip!

til next time

Nice Rainbow on the nymph

Time to Cruise

Another Good one

Sending him home

See ya later

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Sensation

The fishing is on FIRE!! Don't sit at home and let it pass by! We have made it out numerous times over the past couple weeks to hit some of our favorite spots. We have had very good results! Fish have been cooperating and we continue to find some larger fish. We have been getting in touch with some better browns and the hefty rainbows have not let up. So we got to keep the flies ordered and ready! Enjoy the pics!

til next time


Rainbow was fierce!!!!!

This is one of the better rainbows I have gotten in touch with. Hefty friend!

Same guy as above! Pinch the fat!

Pretty Rainbow from the stairsteps

Another good rainbow MASHED my fly. Lucky net job and got him in!

Sunset Brown

Pulled this guy out of one of my favorite runs! Had a GUT!!!

He's going back to the depths

This guy was BIG!

 Good look at the size of this PIG!

Beautiful Brown! Nice catch David!

Send him home

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hiwassee- David's BACK!

Hello world it has been too long. This is David speaking and I haven’t wrote a blog post in way too long. Luckily for you, Phil has really been keeping you informed. Unfortunately for me last year was full of CPA and not nearly enough Dreamcatching. But this year has started with much more promise. I have been able to make it up to the Hiwassee a couple of times now and to the North and Tellico once. Although I can’t quite keep up with my DreamCatcher partner and fish master, Phil, it sure is nice to get out on the water and enjoy the beautiful creation that God has given us. I am reminded every time I am out there of the incredible beauty that surrounds us and how I am but a speck in all of it.

It really has been nice to dust the fly pole off, shake the rust and enjoy the greatest activity there is, some FLY FISHING! I have had some great luck this year on the Hiwassee already. The river is amazing as always and the fishing is better than ever. It is crazy to think leaving the Hiwassee after 10 fish is a slow  day but that is what it has been like. I have caught a number of larger rainbows than usual and probably my largest rainbow earlier this year. I have a picture of it down below. I also caught a nice brown as well. It really has been crazy good fishing. Today, I went for 5 hours and caught around 30-40 fish. I stopped counting after 6 in the first 20 minutes. There were numerous times were I caught 4-5 fish in the same amount of consecutive casts. It was incredible. Mostly I have been catching rainbows but was able to catch 3 browns today.

Anyways I hope to get out on the river more. I have started doing morning half day trips and really have done well. I am proud to be back doing some DreamCatching again. I hope you enjoy my pictures below. 

Til next time.


 Nothing like sunrise on the mountains

 nice rainbow

Cool Release

 Check out the form!

 Best Rainbow for me at the Hiwassee

 Had quite the length

 Release HIM!

 Nice camera work with a fish on the line

 Beautiful colors

 Awesome brown

 The spots are beautiful

Letting him go

Friday, April 4, 2014

North Georgia

I had a chance to get into some new territory this past weekend; although it was quite hard to leave the Hiwassee when it has been fishing so well! White capped mountains greeted our early morning arrival to the North Georgia Mountains. It was my first experience of trout fishing in Georgia and it did not disappoint. Fishing left some to be desired early as the temps were frigid and the trout were staying pinned down. But as the afternoon came along fish starting getting real active. I managed a number of rainbow trout throughout the afternoon, mostly small but still fun. As the day progressed toward evening the dry fly fishing the opened up. Trout would attack in every suspecting fishhole with wreckless abanodon. It made for a fun day of fishing. I hope to make it back there soon. Check out the pics.

til next time

Hunker Down
First slippery friend of the day
I see ya!
Nice rainbow SMASHED the dry!!!!!
Close up!
See ya next time bud!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Quick Pic

Everyday on the water is a good day for the Dreamcatchers! Check out this quick pic from last weekends action. The fishing is on FIRE! Get out and enjoy! -Dreamcatchers

Friday, March 21, 2014

It Kind of Feels Like Spring

The weather has been playing games with us lately in East TN. It will warm up for a couple days of the week only to drop again and remind us of the chills of winter. All things considered, Spring is officially here! Water temps have risen, insect activity has picked up, and the trout are active! Been out and about at least twice a week for the past couple weeks. Managed to land a hefty rainbow in the rain which highlighted the week. Big fish have been ready to feed and I have been more than willing to test the elements for the chance. I recently picked up a new Winston Rod and teamed it with the Lamson Guru fly reel. I have been really pleased with the results. The rod cast fluently and effortlessly and it is incredible accurate. Look forward to getting my hands on more of these rods in the future. Here are some pics from the last couple weeks...

Til next time

Small Smoky Rainbow

 I said face the camera Fish!

Had to net this BEAST!!

The new Rod and Reel is working well

One of my favorite run's in the Smokies

This would come in as a close second


A little bit of Crappie Fishing

Wonder what this is?

Sun going down on the Lake
BANG! Gotcha my friend!

 100% chance of rain? Time to Fish!

Closer look at this Hefty Fellow

 Stay out on the water until you can't see anymore!

Prime Trout Real Estate

See ya soon river!