Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hunting Browns

Welcome to SPRING!!!!! Been out and about a lot lately as temps and water levels have cooperated for the most part. So far I have only made it to the usual spots; Hiwassee and few favorite Smoky Mountain Streams. I am contemplating renewing my Georgia fishing license and checking out some more North Georgia Streams, but out of state licenses get kind of expensive. I had a Tennessee, Colorado, and Georgia fishing license last year. I wonder what this year will bring! Anyways I took off early from work on Thursday to enjoy a couple hours on the water before sundown. I thought I would do some good ole fashion, Brown Trout Hunting! I was NOT disappointed. Watching brown trout smash dry flies off the top with reckless abandon is truly a sight every fisherman should behold. I got a hold of a NICE hefty brown and managed to get him in after a long long fight. Enjoy the pics! More to come soon...until next time


 Blue Skies Surprise!

Evening is the time to play


This guy bent the rod!