Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Carolina Sunshine

We debated where we should go for about an hour the night before. We had thrown out the usual suspects: Hiwassee, Clinch, Little River, etc. The was an odd urge that drove us to pick Deep Creek though. Deep Creek is known to have one of the larger percentages of brown to rainbow ratios of any stream in the park. I had fished there three times before, and done well. David had no such luck though in previous trips. We settled on Deep Creek and made it there in the morning to begin our hike. The hike was long to get upstream enough to where the creek departs from the trail. The water was up from the severe thunderstorms a couple days earlier, so we suited up the waders and got in. We were greeted with early success, as I caught a quick rainbow on the dry. We moved up another run and again a beautiful brown jumped up and nailed my fly. I thought we would be in to catch a monster this day. Then David caught on fire landing rainbow after rainbow for quite a while. One of the rainbows being one of the better ones I have seen in the park. Unfortunately that is not pictured below. We hiked up the stream a ways until we determined we had had enough success and then headed back down. The monster brown I had dreamed off earlier evaded us another day but it was another successful trip, and day well spent in the life of the Dreamcatchers....til next time


Nice run way up off the trail
A little guy
Another small rainbow
David hitting some riffles
Nicely colored Smoky Mountain Rainbow