Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Revisit Paradise

When I left Yellowstone last August my head was hung low in disappointment at what could have been. My three day fishing trip had been cut short and I was traveling back to Jackson, WY. Fresh in my mind were the thoughts of the two days I spent out there. Cutthroat trout recklessly launching themselves at every resemblance of a fly, wild and scenic landscapes nearly unaltered by man, beautiful sunrises, simple solitude, and so much more. When I left my first visit to Yellowstone I had no idea it would be more than 5 years before I would be able to return again. As I drove back to Jackson, I feared I might be looking at another 5 year wait before returning. Fast forward to spring 2016 and I was frantically planning a trip to Alaska for September. As my travel partner's plans grew more and more vague I watched as flight prices slipped out of the realm of affordability. But missing on a trip to Alaska opened up the doors for a different opportunity. Inherently my mind drifted to a place I have grown so fond of. Could it really happen? Would I not even have to wait 1 full year to return to that fishing paradise? Booked! I picked up the flights and started planning. In two days I will again set foot on Montana soil and begin a 12 day trip! 6 days backpacking the Beartooth mountains, 6 days exploring Yellowstone and/or fishing the Madison river. Could life get any better? God is truly great! Stay tuned for pictures. Til next time


Sunset on Lewis Lake