Saturday, May 19, 2018


Spring is perhaps the most anticipated time of the year for me. Finally the colds of winter disappear. The dark gloomy skies and lifeless plant life are on the way out. In southeast TN, GREEN comes on and it comes on fast! The green begins to pop everywhere! New life is born! It is a beautiful time to be outside. Coupled with these delights the fishing also ramps up to be, what I consider, the best of the year! For the last two months I have been up on the Hiwassee river at least once or twice a week. And I have been killing it!!!! One day I recall catching more than 50 fish in an afternoon! Last week the fishing had slowed down considerably since those big fish days but a solid day of fishing can still bring many fish to hand if you are in the right water. This is the first year in several years that I didn’t catch an absolute pig in the spring. My largest fish length wise was probably 18 or 19 inches but lacked the girth that some of the ones I have caught in the past. On the bright side I caught several well built browns and rainbows in the 15-16 inch class. Brook trout were stocked in more abundance this year and some days I caught upwards of 20 brook trout in a day!!! Maybe they replaced some of the bigger stockers with more brook trout this year? I’ll have to check into that! Regardless, get out and enjoy the fishing before it is too late!!! Until next time...


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