Friday, April 8, 2016

April Showers

Spring brings the best fishing of the year to southeast Tennessee. But in April, spring often brings the rain. I have been practically living at the Hiwassee over the past month. At least fishing twice a week! Yesterday was the best dry fly fishing of the season so far! I was met with a nasty storm, but nothing my waders and a solid rain jacket couldn't handle. I tried a smaller grey wulf pattern yesterday and it did not disappoint. There were plenty of bugs on the water, both caddis and BWOs. But I was getting sufficient hits on my fly so I didn't bother changing. Something I have noticed over the past few years is that brown trout seem to love the grey wulf pattern. And lucky for me, I also love brown trout. So I often am compelled to stick with the grey pattern, to tangle with the browns! Yesterday's prize was a nice hefty 15 or 16 inch brown trout. We tangled in a fight I will not soon forget. Also had a new thing happen to me yesterday. I casted my line out and put my rod in my mouth, out of laziness, so that I could tie my boot. As I was tieing I felt a jerk on my line. I tugged a little with my mouth but but didn't think much. Then all the sudden I felt some serious movement on the end of my line (keep in mind my rod is still in my mouth) I quickly finished tying my shoe and picked up my rod to feel a fish on the other side. I can honestly say I have never caught a fish with my mouth before. But now even that has happened! I hope to be back out over the weekend! Get out and enjoy spring! Til next time


Cool scene after the storm rolled through

One of the many browns that ended up on the other end of my line

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