Friday, April 1, 2016

We Found Gold - Part II

It has been long delayed, but I finally got my hands on my brothers pics from our trip out to the wild west last summer! Since then, I often have thought about that trip and reminisced of both the fun and struggles we encountered. There is something to be said about being out in the wilderness and never seeing another human for 3 or 4 days. Very surreal. I hope to experience that again! The same could be said about fantastic fishing, awesome vistas, quality time with the fam! I hope to experience all those again! But there are a few things I could pass on experiencing again: hail storms on a ridge line over 10,000 feet elevation everyday, endless mosquitoes, and temporary altitude sickness. What a trip though!?? We set out with a plan in mind and completely altered it on the fly! It still turned out great! And we still found GOLD! Enjoy the pics! til next time....


Surreal Campsite

First GOLD of the trip

Sweet look down the lakes from an outlet stream

Trying my luck in the outlet stream before the waterfall

BOOM! Vibrant colored GOLD waiting!

Smile for the camera!

Danny we like to call the tamer of the BEASTS!

Til Next Time my golden friend


T-minus 20 minutes until hail storm!

Cozy camp

Beautiful open area

Still going strong!

Can't beat fast action dry fly fishing

The last night from our campsite

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